1: How does the anti-tarnish technology work?

We manufacturer a specially formulated,  carbon based, Eliminate space between formulated and carbon absorbent rolled material combined with proprietary installation that insures all harmful gases that create tarnish and discoloration to jewelry are almost 100% eliminated. 


 2: How many styles do you have?

We have close to 200 different styles for our customers to choose from.


 3: Do you warranty the products?  is  Is there a return policy?

Yes, if you notice any problems with your silver tarnishing or your gold jewelry  losing Eliminate space between gold jewelry and losing its brilliance and you are sure you are storing them per our instructions in one of our Prezerve organizers , move comma to the left return it to one of our distribution outlets listed on our site and we will exchange it free of charge for up to 3  1 year years. 


 4: Where are you located?

Our manufacturing facilities are in Southern China and we offer our sales offices are Hong Kong Singapore and the United States, and Orlando, FL.


 5: How Long has have Prezerve products been on the market?

The original  anti-tarnish (Eliminate space between original and anti-tarnish) concept was invented by a Mr. Mark Schneider from the united states for over 10 years, our company made products for his company since the early 1990’s, so we worked with him and made millions of units for his company to sell on TV channels for years & we perfected the manufacturing process.


 6: Where are the products shipped from?

China or direct by country destinations for dropped ship goods. Our products are shipped from our warehouse in Pacific, MO


 7: Is Are Prezerve products patented?

There were prior patents issued by previous owners that were disputed and new patents were going to be filed, we chose not to file the patents so we can maintain our proprietary process without  3rd party interference preventing others from trying to copy our technology process and putting out an inferior product.


 8: What is the time frame for delivery to the customer?

Those for drop ship are shipped within 5 days or orders received unless out of stock, custom orders are shipped from China or Singapore.

Our orders are shipped within 5-7 days from receipt of order unless out-of-stock,  You will be notified if there are any delays.


9: What is the life of the anti tarnish anti-tarnish technology, how long will it keep jewelry protected?

As long as the Prezerve organizers or boxes are kept closed and/or sealed over the life of the products, they will last the lifetime of our customer or w say up to 100 years.


 10: How do you know that the anti -tarnish  anti-tarnish will work for up to 100 years?

Our process has been custom lab tested utilizing equipment that measures hydrogen sulfides and other airborne contaminants which we infuse in our organizers / boxes and then test by different styles utilizing a % of our anti-tarnish material based on the square inches of storage capacity to be protected up to 100 years based on normal usage.